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Custodial Care

When you’ve been discharged from the hospital, either to your home or a nursing home, you may need some extra help with basic everyday tasks.

Custodial care is that extra help. It’s non-medical care performed by professional caregivers. Custodial care includes help with self-care tasks like eating, dressing, and bathing or household chores like cooking, running errands, and laundry.

Our custodial care benefit covers up to 20 hours of care after a hospital stay, for a maximum of 60 hours per year at no cost to you. Original Medicare does not cover custodial care.

What Does Custodial Care Cover?

If you require custodial care your custodial care professional can:

  • Assist in the kitchen, including preparing meals and grocery shopping
  • Help with mobility, including lifting and carrying throughout the home
  • Dress you
  • Get to and from the bathroom, including using the toilet and bathing
  • Do laundry and light housework

Additional Resources

The Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage provides details regarding custodial care benefits. Both resources can be found on the 2023 Plan Documents page.

Visit our Health & Wellness library for more information on custodial care.

2023 Plan Documents