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HealthTeam Advantage Plans

Two Types of Plans Offered by HealthTeam Advantage

Star Ratings – How Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans are Rated

The Star Rating program is an annual rating that all Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans receive from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It can help Medicare beneficiaries make better informed choices about their healthcare coverage. Ratings are based on the summary of more than 50 individual topics. These topics include:

  • Member experience with the health plan
  • Customer service
  • Management of chronic (long-term) conditions
  • The health of plan members

A Five Star overall rating is the best rating a plan can receive. HealthTeam Advantage PPO plans currently have a 5 Star rating and our HMO plan has a 4 Star rating. For more details on the Medicare Star Ratings program, please visit

Why Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Advantage plan is an all-in-one plan and provides all Part A and Part B benefits of Original Medicare, and in most cases Prescription Drug coverage plus additional benefits not covered under Original Medicare—all for as little as $0 a month plan premium.
Prescription drugs are usually covered. Most Medicare Advantage plans include Part D prescription drug benefits, so there’s no need to find and pay for a separate prescription drug plan.
So are dental, hearing, and vision care. Many Medicare Advantage plans include dental, hearing, and vision care benefits.
Some plans even include extra benefits. For instance, some Medicare Advantage plans include additional benefits like complimentary fitness memberships, telehealth visits, and more.

And your out-of-pocket costs are capped. Unlike Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan has a set annual limit for out-of- pocket costs. Once you reach this limit, you pay nothing more for covered medical services.

Before You Make A Decision…

  • Talk about your decision with a Medicare professional.
  • You can call (800) 633-4227 (800-MEDICARE) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TTY users should call (877) 486-2048.


Why Choose HealthTeam Advantage?

There are lots of reasons. For starters, we’re local—based right here in the Triad. We live and work here, so we know and use the same doctors and hospitals who’ll provide your care. We’re also doctor-guided, which means our medical directors help develop our plans with patients and providers in mind to make sure our members receive the care they deserve. You’ll also find that we’re very accessible. This means you can call, email, or meet with us in person. In fact, when you become a HealthTeam Advantage member you’ll be assigned your own Healthcare Concierge who’ll answer your questions, explain your plan benefits, help you find a network doctor, schedule appointments, and more.
It all comes down to being reliable—and earning your trust. Our members (your friends and neighbors) consistently give us high marks for satisfaction and they keep coming back.
And let’s not forget the coverage itself. Our unwavering commitment is to provide quality Medicare Advantage plans with all the coverage of Original Medicare, plus additional benefits to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

Our plans feature:

  • $0 monthly premium options
  • $0 deductible for medical services and prescription drugs
  • $0 copay for in-network primary care provider visits
  • Low out-of-pocket cost to members
  • Delta Dental®, VSP® vision, TruHearing®, and SilverSneakers® fitness benefits
  • Custodial care—non-medical, in-home care after a hospital stay
  • Personal Healthcare Concierge—member services representative

Here’s the bottom line. HealthTeam Advantage is a smart, sensible choice for North Carolinians like you. Compared to higher cost Medicare Supplement plans, we offer a more affordable option—not to mention, additional benefits.