man with tinnitus

What to Do About Tinnitus

Temporary ringing in the ears can be annoying. But, for more than 50 million people in the U.S., tinnitus—a constant ringing, roaring, clicking, or buzzing in the ears—is long-lasting.

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woman being fitted for hearing aids

You Need Hearing Aids. Now What?

When you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss and your provider recommends hearing aids, you’ll probably have a lot o...

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man with hearing aid

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Lots of people know they need hearing aids but don’t get them. We'll break down the benefits of hearing aids.

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woman with hearing aid

5 Questions About Hearing Aid Care & Cleaning

Here are a few tips for cleaning and caring for hearing aids.

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friends in restaurant having fun

10 Ways to Recognize Hearing Loss

Have you ever wondered about hearing loss? Check your answers to this questionnaire to see if you need an evaluation.

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Daughter whispers to dad's ear

3 Tips for Better Communication with Hearing Loss

We've all been in that position at one point or another where we can't hear the conversations going on around us and we ...

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Woman whispers to mans ear

Better Hearing Improves Your Health and Safety

Better hearing can improve your health and safety. Your hearing often fades without your noticing. Sounds you took advan...

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