HealthTeam Advantage Hearing Benefit


Most people aren’t aware that treating hearing loss can improve their quality of life. Treating hearing loss can help improve cognitive function, keep you connected with loved ones, and decrease feelings of isolation or loneliness.

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Our Network

Our hearing aid benefits are through TruHearing®, a vendor that makes hearing aids affordable for more than 130 million people nationwide. Hearing aids can be expensive, but our benefit makes addressing hearing loss more affordable with copayments of $799 or less.

To take advantage of this benefit, you must use a TruHearing provider and schedule appointments by calling TruHearing at 866-201-9886. The Hearing Consultant will explain your benefit, answer all your questions, and schedule an appointment for you with a provider in your area. The provider will assess your hearing and recommend the right hearing aid for you.

Your copay for an in-network, Medicare-covered diagnostic hearing exam is $30; copay for an in-network routine hearing exam is $45.

Additional Resources

The Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage provide details regarding hearing benefits. Both resources can be found on the 2023 Plan Documents page.

Visit our Health & Wellness library for more information on hearing health.

2023 Plan Documents