2024 Agent Certification Exam

For Agents

This exam will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. To pass, you must answer 17 of the 20 (85%) questions correctly. The maximum number of times you may attempt the exam is six.

You are free to access your training materials as you complete the exam.

For the best exam experience,

  • Complete it on a desktop or laptop computer, and
  • Ensure that you have answered all questions before clicking “Submit.”

If you need assistance, please contact your Agent Concierge Team at 855-547-0344 or send us an e-mail.

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Begin Exam

Q1. When Novolin U-100 insulin is administered via an infusion pump and the member resides at home the medication is covered under:*
Q2. The C-SNP (HMO) plan, has 6 Tiers to the drug formulary.*
Q3. Tier 5-Specialty Medications are NOT eligible for a Tiering Exception? *
Q4. Which of the following contribute to the member going into the coverage gap phase? *
Q5. Which of the following contribute to the member moving from the coverage gap phase to catastrophic phase?*
Q6. HealthTeam Advantage has a preferred pharmacy network. *
Q7. For 2024 C-SNP (HMO) Plan is available in which county(ies)? *
Q8. HealthTeam Advantage will have 5 plans available in 2024.*
Q9. For 2024 PPO Plans are expanding to Orange County.*
Q10. For 2024 HealthTeam Advangate will offer a MA Only PPO Plan?*
Q11. The Eagle and Cardinal plans will have a $1000 flex card for dental, vision & hearing benefits.*
Q12. When are commissions paid by HealthTeam Advantage? *
Q13. Are Sales Agents able to provide meals of any sort during a sales event where plan benefits are being discussed?*
Q14. HealthTeam Advantage PPO members will have the same cost share regardless of whether they use an in-network or out-of-network hospital? *
Q15. Non-contracted providers have the option/s to do which of the following?  *
Q16. Who is the fitness program provider for 2024?  *
Q17. Who are the vendors the plan  have partnered with to provide Dental, Vision, and Hearing benefits?  *
Q18. What type of optional rider(s) does HTA offer for 2024? *
Q19. If a member requests to voluntarily disenroll from the Plan, the member should? *
Q20. A member on the Eagle or Cardinal plan can use the flex card at any dental provider and services are covered up to the card limit?*